No Rush Service Escort Clemintime

.After a job, a client once tipped me 1000$, lol. No pressure there but the fact still remains that you can only get tipped that much if you really nailed it.

Hi, I’m Clem, as in Clementine, I’m in my mid twenties, and yes, that’s my real age. You’ll understand why I said this when you meet me in person, but the hint is that I do look 16. A total babyface. Lol.

I’m not exactly chubby but I’m certainly fleshy in the right places with my c-cups. I have an extremely streamline waist that gives me that perfect figure 8, my ass is definitely bigger than most girls I’ve met, yes, so if you’re thinking of doggy, you’re thinking right.

I’m majorly on briads for no specific reason, I hope you like that? I’m not picky about anything, including my taste in men or sex. So bring on that pot belly, lol.

My favorite sex position is missionary, so if that’s you, you’re in the right place. Doggy’s fine too, especially since you’d feel the slaps of your body against mine.

I get really turned on easily especially if you take your time to fondle my nipples, yes, they’re perky and large. I like slow sex but I’m afraid if the foreplay takes a while then sex, I might cum easily. Lol.

Blowjobs are eww, but if you hold my head in place, I’ll do it. Control me, dominate me, tie my hands if you will. Spit on me, slap me where it’s fleshy, it turns me on so bad.

If you find my profile fun, I think you’d find me even more fun in person, so let’s do this!

Ring ☎️ 07415419217 to make an immediate appointment .